We are a multi-disciplinary team of creative types. Our skills range from writing and publishing to video editing and Production. Each member has their field of speciality in which they excel. Some of our Crew are working on local community projects in and around Cardiff.

Gabriel Strange-Wood

Writer, Sound Recordist, Camera Operator, Video Editor, Director, Crafter, Gamer

Gabriel Strange-WoodGabriel Strange-Wood never thought about being a writer when growing up, he did think about being an astronaut. Now he is too old for that, and a little doughy in the middle so has taken to writing. Gabriel has dabbled in Documentary films with Drongo Films and has now returned to filmmaking, working on original material produced in-house. Gabriel is planning many things in his head, including a sequel to My Imaginary Human, and a fantasy series of novellas and short films.

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Lydia Strange-Wood

Writer, Voice Over Artist, Visual Artist, Crafter, Gamer

LydiaStrange-WoodLydia Strange-Wood is in her late thirties, but no one seems to have told her. Her hair changes colour with the seasons, and sometimes her mood. When not at home pretending to write or throwing paint at canvasses; Lydia volunteers at a local mental health day care centre, where she pretends to write and throws paint at canvasses with other people. Lydia suffers from Fibromyalgia and mental health issues, but she hasn’t given up. When not sleeping, doing creative stuff, snake wrangling or volunteering, she enjoys cheese (despite being lactose intolerant) and meeting other people’s pets.

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Emma Stapleton

Voice Over Artist, Editor, Crafter, Gamer

Emma StapletonEmma dreamed of being a Librarian when she grew up, so she could live in the wonderful world of books and read all of the stories. Unfortunately, she never grew taller than 4′ 9″, being a pixie, so didn’t fulfil her dream, mostly due to the shelves being too high and her wheelchair not being one of the standing type ones. She still frequents various Libraries and believes them to be Very Important Places. Due to being exposed to all these stories at a young age she’s now developed the superpower of being able to spot a typo at a few feet, in fact, they leap out of the pages and attempt to strangle her, so she must attack them with a magical red pen. Emma enjoys editing books, although does scream a bit if they’re really bad. She’s recently been kidnapped and made to showcase her silly voices. Emma also owns several swords and enjoys doing HEMA. Voice Actor Showreel


Lillian Blackwood

Writer, Cat Lady, Polyamorous, Queer

Lillian Blackwood

Lillian Blackwood lives on the outskirts of London, with her three cats Byron, Shelley and Keats, and her Burmese Python Mrs Munchie. Always fascinated with supernatural creatures and magic. She grew up watching Hammer Horror movies with her grandfather and reading Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. The Shattered Chandelier is her first book in the new series of novellas entitled ‘Broken Things.’ A sequel, plus a spin-off novella are currently in the works. The estimated publication date of 2019.