When the crew of EcksMark Media were children we had big ideas of what we wanted to do and who we believed we would become. The crew wanted to go to space and be astronauts and grow old on Mars. Those ideas changed but thinking big has always been part of our lives. As we grew our ideas changed and the reality showed us that space was out of our reach. We still have vivid imaginations and our ideas are still big.

The core philosophy of EcksMark Media is to avoid the concept that being creative is just a nine to five job. Like being an astronaut, being creative, it becomes the fabric of who you are. We work in numerous creative fields including Film & TV, Graphic Design, and Scriptwriting. Our approach to each project still has the same vivid imagination filled with limitless possibilities from when we were children.

Mr Oldman - Marmalade

We offer independent filmmaking services ranging from Scriptwriting, Graphic Design, Sound Recording, Cinematography, and Editing. Our aim is to develop Film and Television productions that we can offer to partnered production houses. EcksMark Media has a working relationship with Movielux Ltd., a production house with established routes to market with worldwide distribution of both Film and Television content.

Though we can’t all be astronauts we can still dream big, and share those dreams.

It's my Shout 2019 Best Sound Assitant

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