Cymruwood Club

Cymruwood Club

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Cymruwood Club films are. It’s a fun experience making a film on a very short time scale with 0 budget. Even harder when you have never met the crew before. Working on Cymruwood Clubs Day 11 of filming was fun and exhausting in equal measure. For speed and movement, all the outside shots were handheld or Steady Cam. This helps give the piece movement as though you’re part of the events. You get to see things revealed as you follow the characters.

Doing Day 11 of Cymruwood has given me the chance to use my Steady Cam System in a practical situation rather than just training. Also, this is the first piece I have edited on Da Vinci Resolve 15. There was a lot to learn and still a lot more to go, which I can implement in Part Two. I’m going to focus mostly on colour grading using what I have learned about the workflow over the last few days. That’s the whole point of Cymruwood, is to learn and make mistakes and improve over time.

Cymruwood Club: Transcendental Therapy

This film was fun to shoot and a challenge given the short timescale. Not to mention we were filming next to an airport so there was lots of shouting at metal birds. In total with editing and grading, this was made in under 14 hours with no budget. Though not up to the standard of Hollywood, it’s impressive what we managed to achieve in that short period. Part Two I’ll focus more on the colour grade implementing what I have learned. Hopefully showing a progression of skills with Da Vinci Resolve as I learn the ins and outs of the package.

Cymruwood Club - Day 11 (Transcendental Therapy)