EcksMark Media prides ourselves on our ability to work quickly and efficiently while being client focused. As EcksMark Media grows we offer more services to local and national companies in the UK. Examples of our work can be found on our Portfolio page. Contact Us for more information and our Rate Card.

Film Production

Film ProductionWe have many years of experience in film and TV production, covering fiction, documentary, factual, and short film. We have our own kit that is capable of shooting over 4k and to take that through to the final product. We are always learning new skills, from Steadicam operation to production development and management. We are also keen writers and develop many of our own productions.

Video Editing

Video EditingOur crew has many years of experience in video editing and storytelling. Editing isn’t just pushing buttons, its building and making the story shine, having a foundation in storytelling is key to a good final edit. We work closely with the directors and producers to bring their vision to life. The workflow we use can accommodate most file formats, without the burden on a production, of transcoding. Our systems can ingest footage from most of the common media.

Field Sound Recording

Lillian BlackwoodSound is 50% of the film, and one of the hardest elements of a film to fix in post, exceptional field sound recording is vital. Spending time in ADR, and tweaking the audio in post-production can be expensive and time-consuming. We pride ourselves on being aware of the environment and picking the best microphones and equipment for the job. We plan ahead and give the director an awareness of potential problems so they can make informed choices and deliver what the director and editors need.

Book Layout, eBook & Print Media

Book Layout, eBook & Print MediaOur book layout and design philosophy revolves around making your text easy to read and accessible to the widest audience possible. We create print layouts for any kind of book, these are designed to your requirements and to a format the printers can easily use. eBooks are designed with high compatibility in mind, though the features of an eBook are limited we aim to create as close a family to a physically printed book as we can.