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My Imaginary Human started out as an odd idea. If humans have imaginary friends who are faeries. Then faeries have imaginary friends that are human children. Throw in a good selection of myths and legends, some pop culture references, and a mystical destiny. Finally, you have the beginnings of some mad drivel them might make a story.

The concept of My Imaginary Human is about how stories shape the world and that without them we would still be living in caves banging rocks together. This brought some unique challenges to the table, the Faeries who are aware they are in a story that is being written. Breaking the 4th wall on TV is easy, doing so in a book offers a number of challenges. Mostly which typeface to use.

Looking at the human experience from the perspective of a Faeries is fun and interesting. Such as asking obvious questions, or not asking the right questions, then complaining about not getting the answer we were expecting. Faeries also brought a spotlight on the rather odd things humans consider normal, our little rituals to bring us comfort and the idioms we use to get through each day.

Most of the time we take the world for granted, we never look at the small things we never really think about why things are the way they are. Our sense of wonder fades as we get older, we know how things work. We just forget about how amazing many of the everyday objects are that we interact with. We should stop and take a moment to see how wonderful the world is and the stories and quests of scientists and inventors that shape the world around us.

My Imaginary Human is where Emily start to rediscover her sense of childhood wonder, and that she isn’t ‘The One.’ She also really needs to ask the right questions.

My Imaginary Human Act I

The point in time or space at which something begins
by Gabriel & Lydia Strange-Wood

My Imaginary HumanThe universe is about to end, and an old man has decided that Emily was going to save them all. But she isn’t, “The One”.

Emily Darling is unhappy with her boring office job, the boyfriend wants her to give up everything and move to New York. Yet, Emily doesn’t know what she wants in life.

Emily wishes she could just go on adventures again, like those she went on as a child. Her Grandfather always told the very best stories about such grand adventures with brave heroes, squirrels, faeire castles, and amazing dragons. All this took place in the far far away magical land of Arcadia. Her best friend would join them on these quests. His name was Heefcliffe, a large blue furry monster who happened to be Emily’s imaginary friend.

Oddly enough Heefcliffe misses these grand adventures as well. He has found solace in the bottom of a rum pot. The faeire was never quite the same after he said goodbye to “Emme.” Thankfully for both of them, the faerie and human realm were about to collide and put an end to everything. This will upset a lot of people and make a few happy. So the two friend’s embark on Emily’s grandest adventure yet. Many talking cats, dogs, mice and even a few humans, are more than happy to help them along their journey. One thing Emily Darling has to remember, be careful what you wish for.

  • Paperback: 197 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1520436130
  • ISBN-13: 978-1520436135
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.3 x 22.9 cm

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