Physical copies of our Books

Ecksmark Books
Yay, we have books. Though the future is going greener as eBooks are a better choice for the environment, Gabriel Strange-Wood points out in his article ‘Kindles and other E-Readers, the Greener Alternative.’ There is something about a physical book you cannot replace, which is why we opt for Amazon Print on Demand books, so you can get that feel if you want it, but it won’t cost the earth. As we don’t have to ship and store thousands of books.

So today we picked up physical copies of our books from the post office. We weren’t expecting them to be as good quality as they are. We’re quite impressed by the way they have turned out. They also have that new book smell.

I think we will stick with the matte covers as they are much nicer and better feeling than the gloss. Though the choice of paper will be determined by the book itself as some books work better on white and others on cream.  Overall the internal print quality is on par with normal printers, if not a little better for images. In the past images have been hit and miss with Print on Demand, now they seem to have caught up with the rest of the printing world.

Now if there is any interest in getting signed copies of the books, let us know and we will set up a web store so you can get your hands on signed physical copies.

Now we need to get on with writing more books.

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