EcksMark Media Website Redesign

After many months of toil and trouble, we have finished the website redesign. Cutting the site down to be easier to use and more to the point. Adding new projects and updating old projects to make a more concise experience. To celebrate this we will be making all of our eBooks free for five days starting Saturday 28th April. Now you can grab Casimir Effect, My Imaginary Human, and Shattered Chandelier for free.

There is still more to be done, the plan is to add an Amazon Associates web store. We will be able to list anything we use or recommend this will give us a small kickback to help fund projects. We recommend that others set up their own Amazon Associates account for their sites. This is a great way for the creative community to help fund their personal projects.


We have been busy working on Marmalade a short film based in the world of My Imaginary Human. At the moment were in the sexy paperwork stage of development. We will soon be scouting more locations and hunting for actors and props. Principle photography will be starting in July or August and we aim to has this completed by the end of September. The release date will be sometime towards the end of the year dependant on film festivals.

We already have the ideas and plans in motion for a companion piece to Marmalade, this will be called Knotreel. Though this will take a little while to get together as we are looking at multiple forms of animation, for the imaginary friends and animals.